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new video...

why does the new video for set phasers to sun suck so horribly?
and the kids are all ugly.
i mean come on guys, i could have made a better video using my asshole.
what an effing let down.

does anyone else feel like it sucks?
or am i alone on this one?
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You're alone. Very alone. LOL... cuz yeah, i like shitty videos with ugly kids dancing even shittier than the shitty video itself.

God. The video made me want to die.

"i could have made a better video using my asshole."

way to steal what i said to you on MSN, bastard.
HAHAHA suck my cock amber-lee.
LOL. no. it's covered in disease.
yeah im so disappointed that they won't be performing in any of their newer videos :((( those kids were so annoying though, I felt like kicking them...
Yeah i dont really dig it either, the novelty value wore off fast.

Was that email about the not performing in videos anymore a joke? I got a huge April Fools vibe from it.
i'm not a fan of it either.

i only watched half of it then got sick of it.
i think most ppl seem to dislike it, but i really like it, it was done as a joke and it's funny
I have to agree with you i thought the video was funny even though it would have been better if tbs was actually in it
Shut up already.
oh my god, it was a joke. it was supposed to be funny, and supposed to piss of victory because victory was pissing them off, hence why they are now on warner brothers records. the end.
thanks for clearing it up. but yeah, i didn't really like it either. oh well, whatever.