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takingbackadam's Journal

adam lazzara LJ community
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hayden aka roxanne
ontheparkway aka rae

a few rules for you community folk:

1.] Do not make posts about Adam being hot. They will not be accepted!! I know it's a dumb rule but really, he has a nice voice and fashion sense and... yeah.

2.] If you post more than one pic, please put the second and so on behind a cut tag. We don't want to mess up anyone's friends pages or whatever.

3.] If you take someone's pictures, please comment to tell them that.

4.] Don't post more than once. Unless, of course, LiveJournal is being an ass and you don't know if your post went through. If your post isn't posted within one week, feel free to re-post it. Don't be a jerk and re-post if we reject it, either.

5.] Have something in your intro besides "hi, i'm (name), i'm (age), i'm from (location), add me!!1" Tell a story. Post a picture (of TBS/Adam). Something besides what's been listed. Posts with "add me!" anywhere in it will probably be rejected.

6.] Be a fan of the man. Don't just join this community to diss Adam. It's a waste of time because your post/comment(s) will be deleted. If you don't like him go here: boycott_adam. Just as a side note: if you don't like the way we run it, then feel free to find another community to join.

7.] DO NOT ADVERTISE. This is a community for people who appreciate Adam Lazzara, the frontman of Taking Back Sunday. It's not a place to pimp your rating communities.

8.] Have fun. This is not a rating community! There isn't a need for pictures of yourself or what your favorite blah blah blah is, so please leave it out.

Comments/Questions/Suggestions? IM us! start defending orrr starting to trip. Or drop a line: sexlikedrugs@gmail.com.